Anything Goes Happy Hour – Episode #14

Join us Sunday at 5pm as we interview and share live performances of the eclectic, multi-generational singer/songwriter, Kurtis Gentile and then an in-depth interview with one of the most highly respected and talented Californian photographic artists, Tom Lamb, and finally, an insightful interview with award-winning color pencil artist/painter, David Kizziar. Few know Dave has another mind-blowing talent. We’ll be showing some Covid-19 videos and short pieces from local merchants.
Kurtis Gentile

Kurtis Gentile

Kurtis Gentile is a singer-songwriter specializing in the music of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. In particular American and British pop music of the 60’s, as well as Motown and Philadelphia Soul. Locally he’s created and acts as “master of ceremonies” for an important singer-songwriter showcase supporting a good portion of the local music scene.
Tom Lamb

Tom Lamb

Tom Lamb is an international aerial, architectural, landscape and ethnographic, panoramic and interpretive artist that uses photography as his primary tool, along with the art of storytelling and pioneering trends in new media.

His images are both from the air and the ground, are built and un-built, often abandoned or in transition. Tom has dedicated his life to not only creating, his landscape images examine how we interact with the planet’s most valuable but increasingly threatened resources. He is interested in the balance between the natural world and man’s mark on the land. He travels extensively. His work is published, exhibited and collected internationally.

David Kizziar

David Kizziar

David Kizziar started drawing at the age of five and, despite having no formal art education progressed naturally to ink and then oils. Growing up in Southern California, he spent years surfing but had to swing a hammer to pay the bills. At thirty-five, he took a ten-year hiatus from art to pursue his other passions in life – music & songwriting. During that time he wrote nearly four hundred songs.

Again, in case you haven’t heard, LBCAC has joined forces with the good folks at, an international live-streaming company owned by members of The Rolling Stones, Springsteen’s Band, Ringo’s Band as well as Stevie Nicks’ Bands. They’ve installed a high-end multi-camera streaming system at our Forest Avenue location to broadcast the highest quality.

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Anything Goes Happy Hour #14

Anything Goes Happy Hour – Episode 14

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  1. Mike Beanan

    Great show Rick! Tom is a Laguna treasure and David has remarkable talent. Thanks Rick for bringing good music,a rt and fun times to Laguna & the universe. Mike & Jinger

    • Rick Conkey

      Much appreciated, Thank you, Mike and Jinger! I totally agree about Tom and David, and Kurtis and Alisa are amazing too! You two are amazing! You know we call it “Anything Goes Happy Hour” partly because we knew we’re on a learning curve with all this technical streaming stuff, and there’s bound to be technical glitches here and there as we get familiar with it. Can you believe it’s been 14 episodes already? I’m sorry there are still some problems now and again, but please keep watching and we promise we’ll get it down. Meantime, thanks again and I’m so glad for your comment.


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